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Mozilla thinks about its own particular association for Thunderbird

The Mozilla Foundation is considering making a different association to control its Thunderbird email application, enabling it to center around building up a Firefox Web program.

In a blog entry Wednesday, Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla, a backup of the Mozilla Foundation, required another structure to enable the Thunderbird people group to characterize its destiny and ask the source group. open the information.

Dough puncher said Mozilla's Thunderbird exertion was "humiliating" as a result of the power it had for the Firebox program and the biological community around it.

"Mozilla does not center around Thunderbird as much as we do ... on Firefox and we don't anticipate that that will change sooner rather than later," she composed. A different association concentrated on keeping up and additionally creating email applications, she included, will have the capacity to move freely and along these lines extend the client group.

In any case, there are more organized associations that are undermined. Like Google's online email administrations, for example, Google's Gmail, which can be gotten to from anyplace by means of the program, picking up modernity and the quantity of clients, independent applications, for example, Thunderbird connect email accounts with a solitary aggressive PC. In his blog, Baker alludes to the need to make and execute "another vision of the message."

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