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            Individuals utilizing their Gmail may see that their logo gives off an impression of being an unexpected shading in comparison to regular.
           As of now, individuals utilizing a Gmail account utilizing G Suite will see their symbol seem green rather than the standard red.

G Suite is the thing that individuals will utilize on the off chance that you have a corporate Gmail or on the off chance that you utilize Gmail with a custom area

               Remember that individuals with a general free Gmail account are not influenced and their symbols still seem red. This has caused disarray with the first individuals, notwithstanding, managers have seen a significant constructive change since they can undoubtedly recognize work and individual records. For instance, in the event that you open a vocation email in a tab and a person in another tab.

               The most effective method to turn it off?
               It appears the blue symbol is being caused by one of the 'Labs' settings situated in Gmail. 'Labs' are custom highlights that you can change to change how your Gmail looks and functions. In the event that blue isn't your shading, and on the off chance that you need to kill it, you should simply get to your Gmail settings and afterward select 'Labs.'

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